Section 2 of PD 1183, as amended, provides that the following are exempted from the payment of the travel tax:

Foreign diplomatic representatives

1. Certification from the Office of Protocol, Department of Foreign Affairs or their respective Embassy/Consulate

Employees of the United Nations (UN) Organization or its agencies

1. UN passport or
2. Certification of employment from the UN office or its agency

Note: Dependents are also exempted if travel is paid for and certified by the UN. For dependents of employees of other UN agencies, a certification and proof from the organization/agency is required.

United States (US) Military Personnel including dependents and other US nationals with fares paid for by the US Government or on US Government-owned/chartered transport facilities.

1. Government Transport Request (GTR) or certification from the US Embassy.

Filipino Overseas Contract Workers

1. If hired through POEA, Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from POEA
2. If directly hired abroad, a Certificate of Employment issued by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the place of hire or an employment contract authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate

International carrier crew

1. Certification from the Bureau of Air Transportation that crew member is joining his aircraft, indicating name of crew member, position and location of aircraft

Filipino permanent residents abroad whose stay in the Philippines is less than one (1) year

1. Copies of the ID pages of passport and stamp of last arrival in RP
2. Proof of permanent residence in foreign country (e.g. US Green Card, Canadian form 1000, etc.)

Philippine Foreign Service personnel assigned abroad and their dependents

1. Certification from the Department of Foreign Affairs to this effect

Philippine government (excluding government-owned and controlled corporations) employees on official travel

1. Certified true copy of travel authority or travel order from the respective Secretary of agency or its equivalent

Grantees of foreign government-funded trips

1. Proof that travel is provided/funded by a foreign government.

Students with approved scholarships by appropriate government agency

1. Certification from concerned Philippine government agency

Note: "Student" is defined as a person attending formal classes in an educational institution for the purpose of taking up a course leading to a diploma the duration of which is not less than one year.

Infants (2 years & below)

1. In case where original passport cannot be presented, original Birth Certificate and photocopy of ID page of passport.

Personnel (and their dependents) of Philippine offices of multinational companies not engaged in business in the Philippines

1. Certification from the Board of Investments

Those authorized by the President of the Republic of the Philippines

1. Written authorization from the Office of the President which explicitly entitles the passenger to an exemption

B. RA 6768 provides for the exemption of the following from payment of the travel tax:

Balikbayans whose stay in the Philippines is less than one (1) year

1. ID pages of passport and stamp of last departure from and arrival in the Philippines (duration of which is at least one year)

2. Ticket used in traveling to the Philippines

Family members of former Filipinos accompanying the latter

1. Foreign passport of former Filipino or other evidence of former Philippine Citizenship
2. Birth certificate or adoption papers of children and/or marriage contract of accompanying spouse

Note: Exemption under RA 6768 is available only if the individual does not fall under any of the exempted categories provided under Sec. 2 of P. D. 1183, as amended.


Travel Tax Rates 

  First Class Passage Economy Class Passage
Full rate
PHP 2700 PHP 1620
Standard reduced rate
PHP 1350 PHP 810
Privileged reduced rate for dependents of Overseas Contract Workers
PHP 400 PHP 300




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